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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift

Our Services

At NinePoint, we are focused on advising private, family-owned and founder-led businesses on their unique capital needs whether related to sales, mergers, acquisitions, recapitalizations, or growth capital raises.

Sell-Side M&A

In-depth valuation analysis, advise on liquidity options, negotiations, deal structure, and financing…

Buy-Side M&A

Evaluate qualified targets, identify potential synergies, and advise on negotiations, structure, financing, and valuation…

Capital Raises

Debt financing, refinancing, and majority or minority recapitalization…

Strategic Advisory

Strategic and financial planning, operational and supply chain management, and succession/exit planning…

Why NinePoint?

In 1914 Sam Loyd’s Cyclopedia of puzzles presented a curious puzzle designed to challenge the boundaries of creative thinking.

Imagine a square made up of nine dots arranged in 3 x 3 rows. Your challenge is to connect each of the nine dots using only four straight lines, and without lifting your pen from the paper.

Many people struggle to break free of the structure of the square and are often unable to escape the box they create. This approach leaves some of the dots unconnected or calls for the use of extra lines to connect all the dots. However, there are many solutions that not only connect all the dots, but do so without using extra lines. All it takes to find such a solution is informed creative thinking to break the confines of the box.

This puzzle demonstrates exactly the type of thinking we at NinePoint strive to achieve when it comes to your investments. With informed creative thought, we use only the necessary lines to ensure that all your dots are connected. As a B2B boutique investment bank we break the confines of the regular approach to find the most effective means of securing and growing your investments.

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