November 22, 2015


NinePoint Capital Advisors is an independent investment banking firm that provides a variety of customized, objective, M&A advisory and strategic capital advisory services to lower middle market family-owned or founder-led businesses in the U.S. and Canada.  With offices on both coasts, we serve businesses nationwide with annual revenues between $10M and $100M+.

  • Unique Backgrounds: Our experienced team of seasoned professionals have backgrounds in private equity, entrepreneurship, and Big 4 transaction advisory services, in addition to investment banking.  Our unique backgrounds enable us to analyze situations from multiple perspectives, which we believe is value-added to our clients.
  • Maximize Value: Our exceptional negotiating skills, combined with an unparalleled ability to create bidding competition, allow us to maximize the value of a transaction for our clients.  Further, we understand how to properly position a company to make sure it puts its best foot forward when we take it to market.
  • Aligned Interests: We utilize highly flexible fee arrangements to further align our interests with those of our clients.  In addition, the vast majority of the fees that we receive are success-based, so we do not make money unless a transaction is consummated.
  • Relationships: We have deep relationships with a plethora of private equity firms, family offices, traditional lenders, non-traditional lenders, and strategic buyers.  In addition, we are well-connected with a number of other top notch professionals such as attorneys, accountants, consultants, board members, and appraisers.
  • Expertise: Our team has significant experience with a variety of complex transactions (i.e., mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, majority and minority recapitalization, debt re-financing, growth financing, divestitures, and joint ventures) across many different industries.  Further, we are very knowledgeable about both traditional and non-traditional debt financing sources.
  • Fiduciary: As independent, trusted advisors to our clients, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients to act in their best interests.  The advice that we give is truly unbiased as having the highest degree of integrity is absolutely paramount to us.

We make it a priority to gain a deep understanding of not only your business, but of your financial and personal objectives as well.  By utilizing this blank canvas approach for each client, we are able to create a customized approach with a focus on achieving each client’s unique objective.